Journaling Photos


University of Wyoming Mens Basketball player #1 Justin James attempt at a lay-up is contested by several UNLV team members at the UNLV vs. UW mens basketball game late in the second half in the Arena Auditorium, Tuesday, February 19th.

I came upon this sports-action shot through working this mens game for my athletics marketing internship, the whole stadium was pretty riled up, creating a rather electric feel to the event at this moment, where the score at this point was 37-37 in UNLVs favor. This shot was one of many I took at this angle and of several similar action shots, and was more difficult to get everything I was hoping to capture in my sports action shot, as sometimes the picture was too blurry or that a ref was standing (annoying) right in front of me. Capturing shots at this game was exciting, as there was a huge amount of movement in the shots, as well as creative devices I could see before and after taking these shots. In this such photo, light, viewpoint, and even focus can be identified.

Morning in Routt National Forest

UW graduate Trevor Thorvaldson pauses while snowshoeing in Routt National Forest during a moose survey February 16th.

This portrait photo, came to be after I was invited to participate in a hike and moose search with one of my friends, and we happened to run into the main subject, Trevor, on one of the trails. I snapped this shot of him in front of the trees and sunlight shortly after. It was unbelievably quiet at this time, obviously beautiful in the location we were in, and it was approximately 8:39 a.m. when I took it. (I credit the time of day for the light in the shot.) It wasn’t super difficult to get this shot, I took a few others but this one really stuck on me, everything seemed to be just right. At the time I felt quite peaceful, and tired, and knew right away that this was the shot I would use in this blog post. Devices I can see in this photo are light, contrast, and some framing, due to the trees enveloping the image.

Curl Zone

UW students participate in the intramural curling tournament Friday evening at the Laramie Ice Rink.

I was participating with some friends in the tournament, (we were terrible, curling is pretty hard) in the rink it was loud and energetic, despite it being somewhat frigid on the actual ice. A took multiple shots with the goal to capture the spirit of the event, and settled on this sports-action shot because there was a lot going on in the background and foreground at the time. It felt good to get a shot that i thought represented the overall feel of the tournament well. Devices I can see in this chosen shot are thirds, light, and due to the pale hue of the ice, contrast.

3 pointer

Several UW students, and the DJ, celebrate after a 3 point shot at Saturdays border wars women’s basketball game.

This sports feature photo was captured after many attempts at getting a funny shot at Saturday’s game. It was the beginning of the game and the atmosphere in the stadium was upbeat and audibly so. I finally got the shot I was looking for when I studied this one and at first noticed the students cheering after a successful 3-point shot, but also the DJ doing a cold-as-steel T-pose as well. I honestly lost it when I went back and viewed this picture because the expression on his face is deadly serious. The devices in this picture that are applicable could be contrast, as well as establishing size.

Fender Bender

UW student Marcus, examines damage on his car sustained in a fender bender on Grand Ave.Sunday.

This feature photo is one I thought illustrated struggles many students have to deal with on a daily basis. I was walking home from class and saw this student studying his fender bender and asked if I could snap this shot, he thought this one that I chose was rather artsy in a way. I felt obviously bad he had to deal with this annoyance, but I thought this shot was sort of symbolic when I took it. The device in this shot I noticed were thirds, as the shot splits Marcus, the damage, and other body damage to the left into focus points.

When doing this assignment, I was surprised by the fact that there is so much going on around you if you really look, that is, moments worthy of a snapshot to show everyday life. I wished however that I had been able to find something a bit more strange and out of the ordinary. Essentially, something that makes one go, “Are you kidding me?!”

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