Flippin’ Whips

Photo courtesy of University of Wyoming student Isaac Stone, contemplating in his Canadian tuxedo.

Raw Audio Interview

Final Edited Interview

Doing this interview for me was a first, that is, it was a first recording and questioning someone on the record. Despite this new territory I found interviewing someone and recording their story very interesting and fun. I tried my best to allow the discussion to be as casual and conversational as possible. On the editing end, I personally felt very comfortable listening, cutting, and overall editing the raw audio, I did however find it difficult to decide exactly what was most relevant and what I should leave out, as there was a lot of information and in this particular interview I tried to include as many details as possible.

I was surprised at the amount of time it took me to finally get what I wanted, I actually had to start over halfway through my initial edit because I didn’t think it had exactly what I was looking for, so I started my second edit and it came much more naturally, knowing what I knew from the first edit in terms of content and tone. If I had to redo this assignment I would have done it somewhere more quiet, as there are some points that I could not cut that have a few bumps and faint background noises in them, as my interviewee’s roommate and his family came walking through the kitchen I was in halfway through the interview. I would also try to add some relevant ambient noise to my interview as well, but I could not figure exactly what sort of ambiance would fit the subject matter well. In my future career in a media sense, I can see audio recording and editing to be quite relevant when it comes to my current ambition to practice first amendment law. An example of this could be interviewing clients, and listening to and picking apart audio recordings for the purpose of research or material for a case. Regardless, this assignment was new and fun for me, and hopefully I can experiment and work with similar content in the near and far future.

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