College Budget Car Repair

We can all agree on one thing: cars can be super expensive. Whether this comes in the form of insurance, repairs, routine maintenance, or a combination of the countless different costs that can stem from simply owning a car. For students, this is not always ideal. In many cases, money as well as time are quite valuable.

Many students facing these constraints may also rely on their vehicles running properly on a daily basis for commutes, work, and other responsibilities.

So what happens if the unexpected happens; your radiator breaks, a lift-kitted pick-up slides into you on a Grand Avenue intersection, or that rattling sound in your front right starts getting way worse? Often, such bank-breaking occurrences are not something one can just fix by themselves, usually lacking vital knowledge, tools and parts, and students may have to resort to local mechanics to fix their cars, a service that can often times be costly and inconvenient.

“I have a decent amount of work I need to have done on my Hyundai, since its getting a bit old, and since its so expensive I have to space things out a bit.” says Matt Bailey, a sophomore engineering major at the University of Wyoming.

“Its stressful because if you don’t get these things addressed in good time it can further mess your car up.”

Though purchasing car repair services is widely held as costly, there are several auto-repair shops in Laramie that offer not only reasonably and often low-priced car repair, but professional customer service and honesty, qualities that are ideal for a student in a car pickle. These shops can be seen in this map.

This map shows and outlines the auto-repair shops in Laramie that exhibit these qualities from personal experience, as well as reputation.

VDR Foreign Auto

Image result for vdr foreign auto
A VDR mechanic operating on a car, photo courtesy of Google Images

VDR Foreign Auto is a family owned car repair shop that specializes in foreign cars, such as many European makes such as Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedes and others. Located just off 3rd street on the south end of Laramie, this repair shop offers low prices on excellent services, going the extra mile to order high quality parts from the actual car manufacturer and giving honest quotes. For those students that drive such foreign vehicles, such as myself, this place is an absolute lifesaver. Many auto-shops have difficulty working or ordering parts for such cars, due to how they differ from more typical American models, but VDR Foreign Auto offers second to none expertise, and will get you back on the road regardless of your driving preference.

Advanced Automotive

Advanced Automotive store front, photo courtesy of Google Images

In terms of overall customer satisfaction, that is, fair pricing, communication, quality work and speed, Advanced Automotive is one auto-shop that excels, located downtown on 2nd street. This auto-shop is known for transparency and making an effort to keep the customer “in the loop” detailing and explaining certain work and honestly quoting it before the customer gives the go-ahead to repair the vehicle, resulting in a high-rate of repeat customers and an excellent reputation as an auto-shop.

RCB Auto Service Inc.

RCB Auto Garage, photo courtesy of Google Images

RCB Auto on 3rd street is yet another stellar garage in Laramie with a reputation for honesty, fair pricing, and speed, in general, and when the unexpected happens. This auto-shop does not cut any corners, or exaggerate when it comes to customer satisfaction, actively looking for cheaper options for the customer before and after the initial quote. RCB is an all around excellent option for those students looking to avoid unnecessary fees or work done on their car.

Good Vibes Garage

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2019-04-19-at-11.42.33-am.png
Good Vibes Garage, photo courtesy of Google Maps

This auto-shop located off 287, is relatively new to Laramie, but none the less has made itself stick out by offering extremely convenient, timely, and well priced services often at a discount. Good Vibes offers pick-up and drop-off services, meaning that they can pick up your vehicle from a customers house, place of work, or wherever, and drop the vehicle back off when repairs are finished. Good Vibes is a viable option for students thanks to their income and household-size based pricing, often resulting in discounts for repair work.

Highland Automotive and Audio LLC

Highland Automotive and Audio garage, photo courtesy of Google Maps

Highland Automotive is an extremely professional auto-shop located right near 3rd street, offering not only high quality car repair but also expert car audio repair, installation, and retail. Having an excellent reputation for price and results, this auto-shop can be yet another ideal option for students, especially students looking to trick their college-mobile with an improved or repair sound system.

“For me it just comes down to honesty and quality of work, luckily theres a few shops in town that can give that to me.” says Matt.

So much seems to be true, as these five-star auto-shops here in Laramie allow students and the community in general to rest easy on their car repair needs. From foreign engines, to booming sound systems, this array of fantastic local Laramie auto-shops are able to supply most customer needs, providing nothing but the best results at the best prices, while their customers are able to support their community by doing business with such local establishments.

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