Tweeting It LIVE

For my live-tweeting assignment, in which we had to attend, and live-tweet a noteworthy event, I covered a guest speaker at the University, author and humorist Dave Barry, while he talked in the Union Ballroom Thursday, April 18th.

The tweets in question can be found here.

For this assignment I tried to use a more journalistic approach, mostly due to the nature of the event, and speaker Dave Barry, who was absolutely hilarious and entertaining. This approach was easier to tweet with because of variety of content from the speaking event that I felt could be easily shared and contribute to the overall coverage of the event, essentially a stand-up comedian spouting hilarious and often true stories and personal views on various topics.

I enjoyed actually attending the event as a spectator, but also enjoyed aspects of the assignment such as paying close attention to what was being said, and trying to decide what was tweet-worthy, and painted the best possible picture of the event for those who would not be able to go themselves. I also enjoyed describing and illustrating the personality and ability of Barry by choosing to tweet certain quotes from his rantings. However I did find it difficult to tweet as quickly as he was talking, often I forgot the exact wording funny statements, and getting a bit nervous as I pieced a tweet together while he was saying something else funny and tweet-worthy.

If I had to do it again I would absolutely do the same event for this assignment, but would try and tweet more quotes from Barry, due to the content of his speaking event being for the most part not only hilarious, but interesting satirically based commentary on topics like politics and certain places he had visited over the years. I was quite surprised by how difficult it can be to keep up with the event while you are tweeting it.

Having done this assignment, I can see myself using such social media tactics as a way to educate, promote and keep up to date on any relevant information related to my future ambitions as a 1st Amendment attorney. As an actual attorney, live-tweeting could be a useful tool to commentate and educate followers on, for example, the process of a copyright proceeding, or perhaps promoting my business or firm, from a PR standpoint.

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