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Prior to this assignment, I had experience using social media a decent amount, namely Instagram, for exactly what it was for, sharing moments and staying in touch with family and friends. In terms of Canva, I had no experience using the program itself, although I have used similar graphic design tools in the past.

For the assignment I used a more conversational, PR approach in order to appeal to a more student oriented audience. I used Canva, creating a design for two of my post promotions , as well as using certain photographs from my blog posts for the respective Instagram posts, and some new photos I took as well.

The two posts with Canva as I mentioned were designed to ‘pop’ and get straight to the point with relevant symbols and appealing tones and contrast. This was also the case for photos I used, previewing the blog post adequately, as well as additional media and pictures that are not shown on the blog post.

The hard part about this assignment for me was figuring out what angle to take when trying to promote my blog. Ultimately I found a humorous, conversational PR approach to fit the target audience and tone of my blog best.

I was surprised however by how ridiculously easy it actually is to perform such marketing/promotion on your phone, and how effective it can be, when done tactfully and correctly.

In terms of future application in my career as an attorney, social media in my context could be used in the form of promotion for a business/firm, general PR for my brand and a useful tool to stay up-to-date on relevant information!

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