Doing it live

For this blog post, we were tasked with producing and editing a informational journalistic style video on a newsworthy topic. I chose to report on an option not many students consider as an avenue after graduation: attending law school. You can view my video on YouTube here:

What I enjoyed most about this assignment was editing the footage from the interviews themselves, making sure to include the most relevant information and make the interviewees seem conversational and highlight the human side of the video.

It was difficult however to actually get the angles and lighting I wanted for my shots, I found myself taking several outtakes, due to myself or the subjects either being out of frame or it being too bright, but I did find the shots I wanted and the way I wanted them to look. I also found myself cracking up and forgetting lines every now and then too, factors I forgot to consider before getting pressing record.

For these setbacks I experienced, I wish I had perhaps practiced being more natural in front of a camera in general, in terms of tone and specific dialogue. Additionally, I was surprised that I put more work into getting my shots than editing my videos, why this is I assume was because of the mentioned difficulty getting the specificities I wanted, and also because I have had experience with video software in the past.

I can see myself using video and working with video in the future for promotional purposes as an attorney, promoting a business, firm, or otherwise, and possibly in other jobs I may have that require me to use such skills, such as PR, a newspaper, or even advertising.

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