Food Independence

In the whirling hurricanes that can often can describe the daily lives of many college students, it can be easy to overlook a very essential, and seemingly difficult skill in between, school, work, and an array of other activities: shopping for groceries, and cooking at home. A concerning amount of students are inexperienced at buying […]

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Journaling Photos

Turbulence I came upon this sports-action shot through working this mens game for my athletics marketing internship, the whole stadium was pretty riled up, creating a rather electric feel to the event at this moment, where the score at this point was 37-37 in UNLVs favor. This shot was one of many I took at […]

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Neat Snaps

Recently I have chosen five interesting pictures differing in style and device from a vast array of shots I have taken over the last few days. The primary creative device for this shot to me seems to be Leading┬áLines. This is due to the middle wooden beam extending towards the wall, acting as a hypothetical […]

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An introductory blog

Since starting multimedia production as well as reading example blogs and other information listed in the class syllabus, it is now clear to me what I hope to learn and improve upon. Specifically, topics that have piqued my interest are video and photo editing, areas that I have had some experience in, but hope to […]

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